About Plasticaware


Plasticaware’s mission is to empower people and raise awareness to reduce, reuse and recycle plastic through different  environmental activities.

By spending time with the communities we want to boost their motivation towards recycling. Together we learn more about the concept of sustainability, the 3 Rs’ and raise awareness of enclosing that important topic in our daily life.

Those activities are for example different workshops, house-visits, beach and street clean-ups, collaborations with local collectives, handcrafting, movie-nights, playful learning and much more

Foundation of Plasticaware – Plasticonsciente


How it all started.

Everything started during an exchange semester in Colombia when Natalia and Céline met during a University course in Medellin. We became close friends and spent a lot of time together exploring and visiting different places around Colombia. The first time the three of us met, was when Sharon visited Céline in Medellin. Our ideas, values, and principles matched from the very beginning and so, a journey filled with adventures, stories, and good vibes started.

It was always our aim to do something more meaningful in life than just holding a 9-5 office job. For many years, we bounced ideas off of each other but none had the impact the three of us were satisfied with. In October 2020, we decided to combine two things dear to our hearts: environmental issues and social problems.

Lots of research and discussions took place over several months until we acquired the necessary recycling and plastic transformation expertise. Also, we figured out the most basic need of the community we wanted to support. And with that, Plasticaware Plasticonsciente was founded in November 2020.

Founders of Plasticaware Plasticonsciente

Natalia, 31 years old, born in a small village, close to Medellin, Colombia. She studied commercial administration and specialized in Marketing Management. Natalia is a hard worker, whose outstanding academic achievements speak for themselves. Not only does she have the brains for a project like this but more importantly she has the willpower, heart and the vision to make the world a better and more sustainable place.

Céline, 30 years old, born in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied business management in Switzerland, during which she was able to spend a semester abroad in Medellin, Colombia. Travelling the country she couldn’t help herself but fall in love with its beauty, its people and its culture. Céline’s biggest dream has always been to start her own social project. She has always been fascinated by the impact a small organization can have on communities that are less fortunate. As early as in high school, she organized a charity event which supported a kindergarten in Africa. Her determination helped to initiate this project and to push it forward.

Sharon, 29 years old, born in Zurich, Switzerland. She studied psychology and currently works at a youth clinic. Sharon’s passion is motivating and educating people which mostly comes with unraveling a person’s undetected resources. During her studies she was part of a foundation that taught sexual health to juveniles and directed a musical with adolescents. Sharon believes in the good in people and that mankind is powerful through supportive acts.

Freelancers de Plasticaware -Plasticonsciente

Fabienne, 26 years old, born in the east of Switzerland. She studied business management & finance in Zurich and worked for several years in the finance industry. While doing so she understood that there is more than just shifting around money and realized, that she wants to return something to this beautiful world. Fabienne has a passion for creativity, humans and different cultures, individuality & spiritualism.

Marina, 30 years old, was born in Zurich, Switzerland, but is proud to be a half Russian. She studied Media, Communication and Politics and is currently working at a radiostation as a project and campaign manager. Marina loves to help others wherever she can and has an open heart and ear for everyone. In her freetime she loves to immerse herself into interior design projects, decoration and event planning. She also has a passion for anything related to sustainability. Just recently she finished a short course in Business Sustainability Management at the University of Cambridge and wants to put her knowledge to use now at Plasticaware.


Coralie, 25 years old, born in South-West Switzerland (Valais). She studied international business management in Geneva and realised while doing so that her vision was to use this knowledge to help developing environmental and social projects. She started working in a sustainable management consultancy in Zurich before deciding to dedicate time to her other passion; traveling. Coralie will soon start studies in environmental sciences to complete her scientific background on sustainability. She is an aficionado of food and likes everything about it; from learning about sustainable food value chains to discovering dishes from around the world, including gardening, cooking and sharing good moments.


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HSG Alumni Article: Plastik durch Bildung recyceln, reduzieren und transformieren.