Our second Project in Rincón del Mar

With hard work and great effort Plasticaware has gained credibility in Colombia as well as in Switzerland. We made our first project a reality through the support of friends, family, and other donors from Switzerland who believed in our mission.

Since our project has been very successful, we decided to continue with Plasticaware and initiate a new project with and for the community of a different village: Rincón del Mar There is a small village with approximately 750 houses and 3500 inhabitants in the municipality of San Onofre next to the Caribbean Sea and located in Sucre, one of Colombia’s most unexplored departments.  The area has four fundamental ecosystems, which have been affected by pollution: The marine ecosystem (coral reef), the mangrove, the tropical dry forest and the savannah, which are home to an enormous diversity of native flora and fauna.

Our team visited Rincón del Mar for four days to analyze the place, identify the problems, clarify needs and most importantly to talk to the community and different stakeholders. With new knowledge about the place we were able to concretize the project plan. The project team was onsite from August until mid-October 2021.

    Rincón del Mar is facing three major problems

    1. No water or sewage system: Since they don’t have an aqueduct and sewage system to receive drinking water, they consume a lot of water in water bags and plastic bottles.
    2. Lack of a household recycling system
    3. Lack of plastic pollution awareness

    The topics that Plasticaware worked on in cooperation with the Community were the following:

    • Training, empowerment, and certification of Plastic heroes Rincón del Mar.
    • Explanation and implementation of the Colombian recycling system in each household: recyclable, non-recyclable, and organic.
    • Neighborhood recreational activities about environmental topics with children and youth.
    • Different workshops for awareness of single use plastic and promoting the system of eco bottles
    • Reusable bag strategy for all families to reduce the plastic bags.
    • Beach, ecological trails, and mangrove cleaning campaigns.
    • Support of reforestation with group activities

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