Our first project in Capurgana 🇨🇴

About Capurgana:

Capurgana is a small, isolated village (4,500 residents) on the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Its geographical location has made the village prone to marine pollution, more specifically floating garbage from the ocean, which is contaminating their stunningly beautiful beaches. The village is only accessible by air or water which has made it difficult to establish a functioning waste and disposal system. The lack thereof, has left the people of Capurgana without a functioning recycling system and the knowledge on how to recycle. As a result, they face a major garbage problem, specifically with plastic.

The children and adolescents of Capurgana are only required to attend school for half a day. In their spare time they lack an opportunity to entertain themselves. Recreational centers or the like do not exist. This limits the perspective of a meaningful and prosperous future. After school activities, which support children’s needs and talents, are imperative.

The abundance of plastic as a resource, the lack of an existing recycling system, and the need for an after-school activity program for the children and adolescents of Capurgana has led to the foundation of our organization “Plasticaware – Plasticonsciente”.

¿What is our goal?

  • Reduce plastic pollution through awareness generation, collection and recycling campaigns.
  • Reduce the logistical cost by turning plastic that is currently just garbage into a resource. 

Pilot phase:

In a first step Plasticaware wanted to determine how much plastic can be collected in Capurgana during a given time period of two months. Plasticaware worked closely with the population of Capurgana, tourists, hotels and the local cleaning company Jacasep of which the latter will be recycling and weighing the collected plastic. 


  • Project Introduction:
    We started by introducing Plasticaware and our ideas to the local community so that we made sure everyone is on board, knows about our project and is supporting us. We started with a campaign where we raised expectation and try to reach as many people as possible to join an event and to understand what we want to do in Capurgana.
  • Call for PLASTIC HEROES:
    We identified thought leaders, champions, and plastic heroes throughout the community and encouraged them to become a spokesperson for the cause “Capurgana without garbage”. We especially aimed to target local students that need to fulfill a certain number of social hours as part of their curriculum.
  • Training and Empowerment:
    The participants worked through a series of training sessions on empowerment, awareness, and the collection, separation, and recycling of plastic waste. At the end of the workshop, they received a certification from Plasticaware.
  • Activation and Visits:
    Each PLASTIC HERO received merchandise (t-shirt, cap and material) that associated them with Plasticaware. They visited homes, hotels, and other establishments to educate the community on the importance of recycling.

    Plasticaware was running a number of initiatives “OLA CONSCIENTE” to encourage the community to collect plastic waste.

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Maria Victoria Rodriguez Giraldo

Apreservar Darien Caribe:

Claudia Montoya & Beatriz Arias

We worked passionately to have a more beautiful and trash free Capurganá.

Plasticaware - Plasticonsciente

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